"Embark on a journey with Lux Life to discover the world's finest globally sourced fruits and vegetables. We take pride in delivering high-quality All-American goods. While synthetic food colors dominate, Lux Life embraces a different path, using the freshest, kosher-certified ingredients to craft all-natural food colors.

In 1906, over 80 synthetic food colors existed, some globally banned. Today, synthetic colorants persist in our daily lives. Committed to change, we've developed a range of natural food colors through rigorous testing, meeting high-quality standards with Kosher and other accreditations.

At Lux Life, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and industry standards, offering a range of baking and trendy cocktail decorating products.

Our vegan-friendly, non-GMO, allergen-free, and gluten-free products cater to diverse needs. Whether you're into natural baking or seeking trendy cocktail embellishments, Lux Life offers the quality and range you desire.

Key Features:
- Dietary: Suitable for vegans
- Non-GMO: Natural ingredients, no potential for genetic modification
- Allergen Statement: Free from Top 8 Allergens
- Gluten-Free: No gluten-based products used

Explore the Ultimate Food Color system for your business, bar, restaurant, or home. Lux Life provides wholesale, custom blending, and bulk services. Color your world with Lux Life!"