About Us

Welcome to Lux Life, a family-owned small business established in 2017. We're dedicated to bringing you high-quality baking products and cocktail accessories to add a touch of warmth and entertainment to your moments.

At Lux Life, our commitment lies in delivering all-natural baking and cake decorating products. Explore our range, including kosher-certified naturally colored baking sugars, luster dusts, powdered sugars, sprinkles, and pearls—all infused with vibrant, natural hues.

We take pride in being a US-based manufacturer, emphasizing freshness and quality. Our natural colors cater to both commercial and home bakers, showcasing ease of use. Our dedication extends to customers of all sizes, offering personalized service and a commitment to synthetic and preservative-free food colors.

Key differentiators include our industry accolades, US-based manufacturing, a natural color range for various applications, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and stringent quality controls.

In our wholesale business, Lux Life collaborates with cake decorators, chefs, bakeries, and more. Our food service business custom designs products for food manufacturers. Regardless of size, our tailored wholesale program awaits.

Explore our products, and let's talk about your wholesale, commercial, or custom blending needs. Lux Life: where warmth, quality, and creativity unite.